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Updated 11/8/2012


Greetings from the Land of Beyond Reason...
Seems much has happened since Teddy and I last sat down to do a Beyond Reason interview. No doubt, current events have created a few Beyond Reason topics all their own, given the recent elections and the extreme weather changes hitting our country, leaving some to wonder if perhaps the Mayan calendar may've been accurate after all...But we are hopeful that these are the birth pangs of a new day dawning.
To that end, we believe that now more than ever, digging deeper, asking more questions, growing even more aware of the reality you choose to create, is key to experiencing a life lived with meaning. And we have no doubt it is key to our planet's future on the whole.
We have not forsaken the cause. We have each simply become quite busy within our own lives and ventures, (information for which, we have linked you to here on our Beyond Reason home page, in case you'd like to keep up). 
Meanwhile, we're dusting off old shows, and reading up on new topics, and mapping plans to keep you abreast of things worthy of consideration, For Those Who Dare to Think...
Until we're back again, we invite you to peruse our archives, download our podcasts, and visualize with us, a more peaceful, spiritual way in which to process all that is happening in our world today.
Beyond Reason...You May Not Believe What You Discover...
But Then, You May Discover What You Believe . . .


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